Localization of a business is an art in itself. Consistency in style is a must. But when the formatting goes haywire and the inaccuracies in layout get in the way, you need to readdress your multilingual DTP. However good the quality of translation, a minor typo or layout glitch affects your brand value with the user. These inadequacies can lead to negativity, more so in the advertising, marketing or packaging sectors. Worse still, imagine it happens in the life-sciences industry. A faulty decimal placement can lead to dreadful consequences.

When faced with selling your products or services across the globe, it needs more than just translation of content to the particular foreign language. It would require localization of the complete project- from text to images to graphics to typesetting, symbols, and website layouts. Also of adapting to local punctuation, measurements, and currencies, besides tone and level of politeness.These all-important alterations are achieved with the process of Desktop Publishing or DTP. Using trailblazing technology, Wordium’s team of DTP professionals ensure that the result of localization is not only accurate but visually pleasing as well.The focus is on superior quality, translation-linked design, and graphics localization with a quick turnaround.

Multimedia desktop publishing has several components that work in tandem to create the ultimate product. These components include animation, graphics, voices, music, sound, and words, all coming together to deliver a message. That is why a mere translation won’t do- all these components need to fit together to make complete sense. It could well mean that a creative segment may need to be replaced. Doing it seamlessly to create the final product is our forte.

We do it all, seamlessly.

We at Wordium are experts in providing multilingual Desktop Publishing in almost all the languages in the world. Localizing content is just the first in an array of steps. We ensure that your matter is formatted such that your targeted market finds it extremely attractive. That, precisely, is the top of the draw quality of multilingual DTP that we employ!

We do it all, seamlessly.

We seamlessly make your product accessiblefor a new market in a different languageand cultural perspective. We give your product the appearance and feel that it was created precisely for that market.We achieve this by:

  • Adapting visuals to the targeted markets
  • Transforming content so as to suit the local tastes
  • Adapting the layout and design to correctly display the translated text
  • Converting measurement and currency units to local standards
  • Adapting the local legal procedures

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